Rob Corkran Photography: Blog en-us (C) Rob Corkran Photography (Rob Corkran Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:18:00 GMT Rob Corkran Photography: Blog 80 120 Oh my! It has been awhile and my summer festival and weekly market schedule. I knew it had been a while since I posted my last blog but I did not realize I went so long without an update.  There are many reasons but no big deal.  I want and will do a better job at showing you some of the wonderful places I get to go to.

Also I am no longer using Zenfolio (the host for my website) for taking orders or letting them print my work.  This is nothing against them and the job they have done but I feel more confident when I have the control over the printing of my work.  Also since I sell hundreds of prints at markets and festivals I do all my own printing except for canvas, metal and other specialized mediums for which I have a preferred print making shop.  Just contact me when you have a print you want and I will get back to you asap. 

I do want to let everyone know where I will be with my popup gallery in the summer of 2018.  The summer Farmers Market in Ridgway and Montrose have started although with recent vehicle disasters I have only been able to get to several of those so far.

  • Strawberry Days Festival in Glenwood Springs from June 15-17
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza June 20
  • Vail Arts Festival June 22-24
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza June 27
  • Ridgway Farmers Market June 29
  • Colorado Springs Art and Music Festival June 30 & July 1
  • Ridgway Farmers Market July 6
  • Montrose Farmers Market July 7
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza July 11
  • Ridgway Farmers Market July 13
  • Art in the Park, Steamboat Springs July 14 & 15
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza July 18
  • Ridgway Farmers Market July 20
  • Downtown Aspen Art Festival July 21 & 22
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza July 25
  • Ridgway Farmers Market July 27
  • Keystone River Run Village Art Festival July 28 & 29
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza August 1
  • Ridgway Farmers Market August 3
  • Beaver Creek Art Festival August 4 & 5
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza August 8
  • Ridgway Farmers Market August 10
  • Downtown Frisco Art Festival August 11 & 12
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza August 15
  • Ridgway Farmers Market August 17
  • Montrose Farmers Market August 18
  • Mountain Village Market on the Plaza August 22
  • Ridgway Farmers Market August 24
  • Montrose Farmers Market August 25
  • Ridgway Farmers Market August 31






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Autumn in the Rear View Window Well I have not gotten into a good blog rhythm as I thought.  I was born in 1960 so I am not as dedicated to social media as younger folk.

It is time for an update as I have been busy.  The summer farmers markets have ended of course and that was a great experience. The sales and nice comments have raised my expectations for the next few years so that is good too.  Over the winter and summer I will pop up my traveling gallery to a few art shows in Arizona and Texas.

In the fall I took a week off from the markets to gather some new fall shots from around Colorado.  I started in Steamboat, then Grand Lake and Rocky Mountain National Park.  And Kiko and I spent a wonderful few days on McClure Pass.  Here is a shot of my trailer in the McClure Pass Campground.


I timed our return to Telluride for when the aspen have mostly turned.  But a windstorm and some rain blasted a lot leaves off the aspen, especially the higher the elevation.  So I was only able to get a few great shots from around home base. 

More recently, we were on the road to New Mexico to get some new shots and to visit my dear friend Elizabeth Anglin and The Starshine Gallery in Madrid, where some of my work is offered along with other artists.  I took several good shots of the Ghost Ranch's amazing scenery and then we spent some time in the Clayton-Raton volcanic field which is a mix of ranch land, bits of state land, and volcanoes.  I will write about that area in my next blog.

And it is time to the add the best of my recent shots to the website.  It is time to rearrange the galleries too so expect some changes there too.  I will be tweaking the photo sizes for sale to make better sense too.

Let me know if you have any questions about any photo or how to purchase them.













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Summer and Farmers Markets I am having a great time working the two weekly farmers markets I belong to. Don't believe me? Fine, take a look for yourself: So now I have a pop up gallery which can be deployed and set up where I wish.  Except when it rains a lot.  My pop up presentation is a work in progress but it allows me to show more prints than I could in other places like Starshine Gallery in Madrid, New Mexico or Alpine Wellness in Telluride.  So the possibilities of art fairs await my pop up gallery.

The two farmers markets are in Ridgway and Montrose, Colorado.   In the much smaller community, Ridgway, the market uses the center of town park which is beautiful, cool, and on grass with many shade trees.  There are many vendors there, my guess is 30 or so.  The other one is in the bigger town, Montrose, and it uses a newly created civic space in the center of town.   It is on concrete and it can get hot, and there are half the number of vendors as in Ridgway.   The market day in Ridgway is idyllic in many ways but Montrose is the market that provides more lookers and buyers. 

So far the two most purchased shots are Golden Aspen and Dallas Peak in the Fall.  I have gotten so many comments like, "your photos are gorgeous" so my ego is soaring.  And I have repeat customers and had a bunch of interesting visitors.  Among the people who have wanted to chat about my 'style', two were local artists who thought that my framing of most shots resembles what landscape artists frame in a painting which is how I describe my work.  They were both thirtysomething and were very excited to see my shots and something clicked in both of their minds. The feeling I got from maybe inspiring young landscape painters was great and reminded me of how enthusiastic student comments felt in the past.

Another time a father brought his young son in to show him my Peak to Sea shot from Alaska to show him how the snowmelt connected the steep falls all the way to the fjord below. I was not expecting I would have a moment like that.  I was expecting members of the local photography group to identify themselves and ask me to join there gang and that has indeed, happened.   And many people have been amazed that 1) so many great shots could have been taken by my raggedy self and 2) or that all these shots were taken in a little over a year. I also get a lot of recommendations on where I must go to shoot, from other photobugs which is cool. 

So Kiko and I are having a lot of fun at the farmers market.  Kiko is such a sweet and gentle soul he charms people wherever he goes.  One of my jobs is to get him to places where he can meet many people, so he greets some of the people who wander into the pop up.  And there are other perks... Or you might like this in black and white...

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Monument Valley Expedition Hey Ho everyone,

Kiko and I have been visiting the Navajo Nation's famous Monument Valley on the Utah/Arizona border.  We have also started to explore the Valley of the Gods which is to the north of Monument Valley. Our trailer has been parked at Gouldings Campground which has an amazing setting.  This shot and others will be available in a week or so. 

I have also been accepted as a vendor at the Ridgway Farmers Market starting in late May.  I have an application in for another one so I may have two days of retail sales a week for the summer which will keep me busy.  Tomorrow we head back towards Telluride where they have had a foot or more of new snow, but sadly the alpine ski season is done there.  But we will stop for one night at the Southern Ute casino campground.  Tomorrow afternoon and evening Kiko and I will be exploring Shiprock and perhaps the Bisti Bad Lands so perhaps I will get a few more really good shots.

Finally, I have a new medium format photo printer and I have been very pleased with the results.  I am trying different papers out now and I will now be able to handle much of my paper prints.  For large format paper prints, metal prints (which are awesome), and canvas prints I will still use a high quality photo printer in Denver.  I will be working on standard prices for those and will have available soon.  When I have the paper and print results finalized I will be offering limited edition prints for my most popular shots.  

The Mittens and Merrick ButteA classic view of Monument Valley

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New Galleries & Lower Prices Prairie Rainbow 2 Hello Everyone,

I returned from the New Mexico trip with Bronchitis.  But I am fine now.  And I have three new galleries. 

Gallery 5 includes a few shots from my New Mexico trip plus some older ones that did not make the first four galleries. 

Also I have created a new gallery with my best animal shots though I called it 'critters'

I also have another new gallery that I have named 'Cliche but Pretty'.  In this gallery you will find sunsets, rainbows, misty trees and other shots which are quite, well cliche.  But there is nothing wrong with a great cliche shot.  So I hope you enjoy those.

And I have reduced the prices for all photos!  I have been learning more about the costs which I did not know enough about.  Now I feel more comfortable with the prices.  And again, if you are interested in a photo but want a larger print than is offered here, or if you want a metal print or a canvas wrap print, then get in touch with me. 



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A wonderful time in New Mexico Gate 01Found along CR 57 in Los Cerillos.

Kiko and I haven begun a two week stay in Santa Fe with our small trailer.  We will be exploring places we have never seen.  And we have a local guide (Elizabeth Anglin), to help us plot our explorations.  Case in point: yesterday she said turn here and then I hit the brakes and backed up to this spot.  Now that is a front gate!

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Obstacles and Opportunities Wow, it has been more than a month since my last blog.  2016 started with obstacles as some physical issues sidelined me and my camera for several weeks.  No worry though and I am back and going strong.  I have been taking a few new winter photos and editing older shots and making plans for more.  By Friday, the 12th, Kiko, me, and our 19' travel trailer, are headed to Santa Fe for a couple of weeks of: making landscape photography magic, skiing, and visiting with a dear friend.  We will visit Elizabeth Anglin (Amy Liz) and deliver some prints of my shots for her gallery, Starshine, a Healing Art Gallery, in Madrid.  Starshine opens next month and I will be there for the opening party.  More details on the opening will be forthcoming.

And there is good news I have to share.  On Thursday, February 4th, I was the first guest artist at Alpine Wellness, and it was Alpine Wellness’ debut on the First Thursday Art Walk.  I was there to meet folks and while we did not have time to publicize it, we had some interested buyers and it was fun.  I like fun.

My work will be up on their walls for another month or so.  Alpine Wellness was the first, and in my opinion the best medical and recreational marijuana shop in town.  Unlike the other shops that are cramped and stuffed, Alpine Wellness has plenty of space and lots of walls. It is an unusual location to be sure, but I was interviewed on the local radio station and the folks in the arts community here have helped publicize it. In Telluride, there are a bunch of shops and restaurants which use local paintings and photographs to adorn their walls so it is not so unusual.  Ah, my first exposition.












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If you want a bigger print or a canvas wrap or metal print.... Zenfolio is the company for my website.  It is specialized for photographers so they do process orders for prints of my work.  I am confident they produce great quality prints and I have no reservations about you ordering from them for smaller to medium sized prints. 

If you do want a larger print, or a canvas print, or a metal print, contact me and I will take care of those orders.  I use a premium photography printing service in Denver.  And from the same printer in Denver I can get paper prints attached to a minimalist frame, which is a great time and money saving option over traditional mats and frames.

At some point soon I will take some pictures of canvas and metal prints so you can see what I mean. 





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The first blog! I get to blog! Welcome to my first blog.  I always wanted to blog about something.  I have so much to tell you.

I am so glad I have a website up and running.  I like my new job and it is a lot of fun, and anytime you can say that you are doing good.

What I plan to blog about is the new photos and galleries that will be added as time goes on.

I will also talk about the stories behind some of the photos.  I will tell you about the photo expeditions Kiko and I go on and the adventures we have. 

In the next blog I will talk more about my photographic style.  As far as what I what I point my camera towards, it is fairly simple, mountains, canyons, coasts, some trees, rocks and even a few critters.

Thank you for visiting my website and contact me with any question you might have.


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